"Our mission is to regain lost shareholder value in dormant and distressed companies."

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What do we do?


We seek out dormant and or distressed Nevada Corporations that have abandoned their business plans, failed to provide adequate public information to their shareholders, and failed to pay annual business state license fees to the Nevada Secretary of State. 


We petition the court to appoint a Custodian and remove the former Directors/Officers, and then take the necessary actions, utilizing our own capital, to revitalize the Company for the benefit of all shareholders. If our efforts are successful, utilizing our professional expertise, we then take the requisite steps to make each of these companies, or a successor thereto, fully reporting with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Once this is completed, we subsequently undertake exhaustive efforts to locate a suitable merger or acquisition candidate that will create further value for shareholders. 


Our goal is simple, but it requires time, significant effort, and there are never any guarantees of success.

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Additional Services

Our team members have vast experience working with public companies from start-ups to multi million dollar companies. For many years, through V Financial Group, Inc., our team members have successfully assisted countless businesses in going public. Our team members also have extensive experience providing edgariziation services, having filed more than 2,000 SEC filings for reporting issuers. 

Our team members can assist you with gaining access to the public markets for your private operating company.

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Past Projects
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Click here for information regarding past entities one or more of our team members may have been involved with in a custodial capacity. 


Click here for status and disclosure updates regarding custodianships that one or more of our team members may currently be involved with.

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