Past Projects

Below are various past custodianship companies, or successors to such entities, that one or several of our team members were involved with.


The below does not purport to be a full list of any companies of which one or all of our team members may have been involved with.

At this time, Jeffrey DeNunzio, Paul Moody, and Thomas DeNunzio have no affiliation of any kind with the below entities that would result in any such party being considered a "related party."

Kaival Brands Innovations, Group, Inc. (KAVL)

- Formerly known as "Quick Start Holdings, Inc." (QSHI)

Next Meats Holdings, Inc. (NXMH)
- Formerly known as "Turnkey Solutions, Inc." (TKSI)

Blubuzzard, Inc. (BZRD)

- Formerly known as "Fast Lane Holdings, Inc." (FLHI)

Ealixir Inc. (EAXR)

- Formerly known as "Budding Times, Inc." (BUDT)

WB Burgers Asia, Inc. (WBBA)

- Formerly known as "Business Solutions Plus, Inc." (BSPI)
Catapult Solutions, Inc. (CPSL)
Fast Track Solutions, Inc. (FTRK)